Here at Topflite Commercial Cleaning & Property Maintenance, we understand the importance of having a clean office. 

Did you know that on average, an employee loses around nine working days a year due to sickness that can be attributed to a poor workplace environment? Office keyboards and mice can carry over 7,500 bacteria, and viruses can linger longer on unclean surfaces such as electronics and work desks. It has been proven that 60% of absences are contracted from dirty office equipment and less than half of people sanitise their keyword less than once a month and 11% of employees never clean their telephones, keyboards or their computer mouse.

We know as well as you do, life in an office is busy with continuous meetings and appointments that will take up you and your colleague’s time, and sometimes asking them to keep up with cleaning demands can be too much to ask. The last thing any employee wants to do is stay late to clean. This is where our office cleaning service comes in. We can clean your office weekly, so you don’t have to. 

We offer flexible office cleaning services so our service doesn’t interfere with your employee workday. Times can be arranged before or after work hours upon arranging a consultation.

If you need a professional office cleaning service in Colchester and the surrounding areas, arrange a consultation by contacting us